Outrunning the cyclone

A devasting cyclone has severely hit low density are a rural area of 25 square kilometres inhabited by some 20 000 people. Buildings were damaged, fallen trees block the roads, the mobile connectivity is disrupted. A dozen of teams of Czech Red Cross along with fire and emergency medical service teams go to the field to assess the damage. Traditionally they use pen and paper to fill in questionnaires about damages, but the scale of disaster requires more sophisticated approach.

4 min.

Rapid Assessment 

The teams are equipped with GINA GO application for phones. It enables them to fill in the damage report, send a distress signal and see the other teams on the mapThe reports are stored on the device and sent when the connection allows it. The command post receives the reports immediately, they are geolocated, consistent and accompanied with pictures. To spare battery power for damage reports, the teams also carry miniature trackers sharing their movement all day long. 


Efficient Coordination 

The communication officer at the command post coordinates the movement of the teams. Using GINA Central he spares significant capacity for not having to ask the teams about their status. Given the changing landscape, he benefits from using a custom up-to-date map provided by the local authority. The command team quickly decides on the assignment of teams having to react to the immediate issues coming up. 


Personal Safety 

The safety of personnel is enhanced by a high level of situational awareness. The command relocates the teams according to the live weather map displayed in GINA Central. Seeing one team is not moving for some time they try to contact it. Since the team is not answering, an emergency operation begins. The team nearby is sent to investigate only to find out that there was a car accident. Only thanks to live map the help came early enough so everyone was saved. 


Issue Management 

The key to successful emergency response lies in thorough follow-up. Each damage report is treated as an issue to be addressed. GINA Portal provides a tabular view on the collected data informing about the status of the issue and its owner enabling the collaboration of multiple entities. Each issue has a change log and can be updated via phone. This way it is ensured that all issues are addressed in proper time. 


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