Monitoring and coordinating responders in the COVID-19 disease areas

Given the restrictive measures following the spread of SARS-CoV-2 virus causing COVID-19 disease, health workers, public safety agencies, volunteers, doctors and people in the affected areas need a reliable and coherent system to coordinate and monitor the situation at the local and national level.

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In reaction to this situation, we have decided to provide all organizations fighting this insidious virus with our solution free of charge for the time necessary to resolve the situation. Our solution can be a key element to control and coordination and a connecting link between the responding organizations and individuals.

The GINA System contains a coordination platform for crisis centres, mobile application used in the field and GSM and satellite trackers with the possibility to interconnect the current systems of public safety agencies.

The functionality of the system will allow to define quarantine areas, monitor the movement of first responders including their historical movement, collect the data about patients from field and insert points of interest such as dispensers of hygiene supplies or patient testing stations. The solution includes three basic applications:


GINA Central

An application for use at coordination and crisis management centres. It allows you to monitor all agencies involved, manage teams and individual workers. It displays the movement history of the user and team in the field, crisis managers can create zones to avoid or take extra precautions, create a team hierarchy and insert points of interest into the map such as evacuation sites, sources of infection, collection points, and more. It is also used to display data collected from the field or from already existing databases.

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A mobile app used for collecting data from the field, tracking of users, fast communication and ensuring the safety and security of staff. GINA GO can automatically notify users when entering a dangerous zone, for example, with an increased occurrence of infected persons to put on the protective equipment.

It is suitable for first responders operating in field such as police officers, firefighters, rescuers or any volunteers who needs to be coordinated and informed about potential risks. The application also serves to monitor infected patients with the possibility of reporting an emergency situation in case of deterioration of the health situation or regular reporting of the progression of the disease.

Created reports with detailed information are sent to the coordination centre and can be shared with other users for up-to-date information with a maximum level of security.

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GINA Portal

The data from the field can be collected from GINA Portal too. This solution is suitable for volunteers and the general public. The portal is running on a simple web-based platform and there is no extra need to use a sophisticated app like GINA GO. You are allowed to use any devices with internet access that can browse the internet and anyone with the hyperlink can quickly share and collect structured data about infected individuals, affected zones or the main waypoints, including photos and attachments.

The request to fill in the report can be obtained by SMS message link, email or other available methods. The user is then redirected to custom predefined questionnaire with all necessary data. In addition to the standard data types (text, number, list, multiple-choice, etc.), the fields can also contain photos. Each report is geotagged with the position where the questionnaire was filled.

Each report can be shared by link and associated with a QR code (or NFC). Location reports are viewable on the map. The user also has access to previous versions and can be guided to the destination with a single click on his mobile phone.


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We have rapidly deployed the GINA System for a Central European nation to help it overcome a problem of coordination during the SARS-CoV-2 crisis. The system can be deployed worldwide in a matter of days according to customer requirements.

We have been saving lives since 2010, with more than 250 000 active users in the world. With our 25 global partners, we are helping in more than 50 countries. Our mission is to save lives through technology. Please contact us if GINA would help your organization during the crisis and we would be happy to provide it to you for free. Together we can make the world a safer place.