Localization and coordination system for exercising the IRS components, the Czech Army and volunteer teams

The aim of the project was to provide software and hardware equipment for the localization of people in demanding terrain, thus facilitating easier coordination and communication of the individual components of the exercise.

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For several years, GINA Software has been supporting the Rescue Patrol event, organized by Rescuers of Česká Kamenice. Rescue Patrol, with its extreme demands on the physical and psychological preparedness of the participants, ranks among the most demanding exercises of this format organized in the Czech Republic, so far 19 years have been held. The target groups of the exercises are the basic components of the Czech IRS, the other components of the IRS, the Czech Army, rescue teams from abroad (Germany, Austria, Poland) and voluntary organizations engaged in pre-medical first aid. In the course of the exercise, testing of individual parts of new equipment, which rescue teams make according to their expertise, enables them to be assisted more quickly and to help the affected persons. One area of this equipment is also localization and emergency systems.


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Exercise of IZS Components, Army, and Volunteers is an important part of training in co-operating these organizations to save lives, crises, and share new practices in performing individual actions. Teams from all over the Czech Republic and abroad can try to solve the most critical situations and improve the ability of joint co-operation. GINA provides for each crew locator and application for Android or iOS mobile devices through which individual teams are tracked and can be remotely better controlled by the commander who manages the situation from the mobile station using GINA PC Central. Commander can see the movement of individual participants including their history of location, dangerous and reserved zones, POIs, and so on. Both rescuers and soldiers get to the site faster, they can record the risk points and areas on the map, and see the other units involved in the event. This solution can quickly reduce the time needed to find an event, speed up co-ordination and increase the effectiveness of interventions. During the week's event, the teams will try to intervene in events such as plane crash, radiation accident, mining disaster, traffic accidents and much more.