National Information System of Integrated Rescue System

Aim of this project was to build new, modern 1-1-2 for the Czech Republic including whole emergency process from call take through dispatch to field intervention.

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The aim of the project was to build a modern integrated rescue system (112) in the Czech Republic, which would cover the complete process of entering and handling of rescue interventions. The main objective was the interconnection of the various components, which are the Police of the Czech Republic, the Fire Rescue Corps of the Czech Republic and the Health Emergency Service of the Czech Republic. Creating a universal technology solution will make an interventions more efficient, facilitate communication between dispatchers and crews, and dramatically reduce final arriving times to event destination.


Provided services

• Design of a system for communication between individual organizations of the Integrated Rescue System of the Czech Republic.

• Design, development, installation and maintenance of a system for entering and handling the rescue management system, including worker training.

• Technical and user support 24 hours a day.


Condition before implementation

Intervention tickets were handed out to the emergency unit, which had information about the location of the incident and the status of the event only in this document. It was not possible to get real-time status information, event location, or real-time terrain information. Information about buildings, the number of floors, or the location of fire staircases could only be obtained using a radio station. The dispatchers did not have up-to-date information on the movement of the crew, and coordination of the various components at the scene was complicated. The cooperation between the districts took place mainly through radio stations and telephones, and was inefficient and slow.


Condition after implementation

Interventions for individual crews are handed out using GINA  tablets. The crew could see up-to-date information about the location of the event location, or other data regarding the event directly in a Tablet. Cooperation between units take place in real-time and is visualized on the map both to dispatchers and individual crews. Up-to-date information on the status of the event, the number of injured people and movement of the units is displayed in real time on the tablet to all participants in the "joint operational view". Tablet offers an advanced selection of maps, including land registry information. Navigation to the place of intervention takes place via the GPS application, directly on the GINA Tablet. All components of the Integrated Rescue System (112) are provided with information in real time, and a significant reduction in driving times to the event site has been achieved.

Realization data

Country of implementation: Czech Republic

Implementation date: 2013-2015

Population using the emergency system: 10 million

Client: Ministry of the Interior Czech Republic

Number of calls: 2 million per year (more than 5,000 per day)

In operation: 24x7


We see a practical example every day. By locating vehicles we know their position, we are operationally moving them to the nearest region units, navigating them in cases when they are wandering. Thanks to the photos, they have a quick feedback on what the situation looks like. As well as the managing officer and spokesperson. The drawing was the most used and proven at the flood in 2013.

plk. Ing. David Jirous, Head of the KOPIS Department of the South Moravian Region