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GINA Tablet

Link all parts of public safety agencies together for faster arrival time to the scene.

GINA Tablet

Faster arrival

Emergency vehicles

Less radio communication

GINA Tablet

GINA Tablet is a smart application designed to help Public Safety Agencies (Police, Firebrigades and Rescue Services) in the terrain. The system communicates with the operation center and provides commanders with various management and decision support tools during all phases of an incident.

GINA Tablet

GINA Tablet can be used on route to the scene (dispatch lists, statuses, offline navigation etc.), at the scene itself (mutual coordination, map drawings, taking & sharing photos etc.) and also after an incident (photo archive, data store, visualization of the track to the scene etc.).

GINA Tablet

The vehicle installation procedure takes approximately 30 minutes and there is no need to directly interfere with the vehicle interior.

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  • Simple receiving of dispatch list
  • Status dispatching with confirmation
  • Statuses do not depend on radio signal
  • Real time tracking for all cooperating units
  • Offline turn-by-turn navigation
  • Current traffic situation
  • Possibility to directly call the announcer of the incident


  • Mutual coordination of the units arrival
  • Possibility to take, edit and transmit photos
  • Shared operational view with map drawings
  • Points of interest
  • Access to external applications (RESCAR, HAZMAT)
  • Access to evacuation plans
  • Case context related media


  • Archive of the photos
  • Display the actual units’s route
  • Customizable data store
  • Configurable contact list and documentation
  • History of dispatch lists

GINA Tablet

Download product list [pdf; 3,6 MB]


GINA Tablet

Android tablet with a GSM module, a camera and a microSD card for offline maps

GINA Tablet

Sygic with emergency maps (offline turn-by-turn navigation, road closures, traffic situation)

GINA Tablet

SSL channel (AES 256-bit), ISO 27001 infrastructure

GINA Tablet

Telephone network (GSM module), GPRS optimized

GINA Tablet

Evacuation plans, hazmat database, phone list, external maps

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