Emergency Navigation

An emergency call is received by a Public Safety Answering Point and first responders need to receive the incident information and dispatch as quickly as possible.


GINA Central GINA Central

GINA Central

Modern tactical command & control tool providing real-time information designed for management and coordination of emergency vehicles and first responders.

GINA Tablet GINA Tablet

GINA Tablet

Premium MDT application designed for fire and rescue, EMS and police vehicles. GINA Tablet is used during all phases of an incident response, features emergency navigation, live data feeds, reporting and various support tools.

GINA Smart GINA Smart

GINA Smart

Smartphone app for spokespersons, commanders, inspectors and Public Safety & Law enforcement officials.



App designed for helpsing the HEMS services in flight as well as on the ground.

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Your units need to be focused and informed in a rapidly changing enviroment when when someones life or property is at risk and a decision has to be made without any delay.
This situation has forced all public safety agencies and law enforcement organizations around the globe to use technology during an emergency to minimize the impact of accidental and unpredictable situations.

GINA Solution connects all responding units using tablets or smartphones to improve the coordination between dispatchers and first responders, provide real-time information updates to make better decisions or react faster, which improves the safety and security of the staff and dramatically reduces the arrival times to the scene thanks to the emergency navigation.

GINA System is a unique field response solution ready to be integrated with any local PSAP system to extend the operations to the field level.

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