GINA SOFTWARE became the winner of Czech Galileo Masters prize

The Space Awards are the culmination of the annual competition year for the Copernicus Masters and the Galileo Masters. As the organiser of both competitions, AZO is bringing together leading institutions, forward-thinking industries, thriving start-ups and award-winning entrepreneurs in Europe’s space community for the 18th time.

17. 12. 2021 5 min.

On 14 December 2021, the festive Copernicus and Galileo Masters took place in front of an international audience. More than 35 prizes were awarded. Seven business cases from the Challenge winners and 18 Galileo Prize winners were recognised during the Space Awards by high-ranking representatives of the EU Agency for the Space Programme, the European Space Agency (ESA), the German Aerospace Center (DLR) with the German Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI) and the Munich Business School together with AZO Anwendungszentrum GmbH Oberpfaffenhofen.

The Galileo Masters is a global competition that supports the transformation of technological advancements, driven by Satellite Navigation into successful society-oriented applications. Its global network provides the best cases with multifold support and helps them evolve both technologically and commercially. The network is formed by more than 89 global partners from 28 countries and a panel of 171 evaluation experts from all around the world. The fundamental mission of this competition is to encourage innovators and motivate them to develop market-driven applications that use Satellite Navigation technologies in everyday life.

Satellite Navigation is a real asset for numerous applications and industries. The Galileo Masters looks for great minds to submit their GNSS-related solutions in areas such as healthcare, disaster management, environment, cyber security, etc. 

“Galileo Masters is playing a huge role in fostering Europe’s space innovation sector in terms of satellite navigation technology,” comments Thorsten Rudolph, CEO of AZO. “The top 100 companies that came out of this global innovation competition have now created more than 3,700 jobs and generated EUR 202 million in total turnover in 2020. In recent years, these companies have also raised around EUR 689 million in venture capital.”

Challenge: EUSPA Space for Being Safe & Healthy Challenge

First RESPonse is an emergency service project that aims to help citizens and health professionals deal with the challenges of the coronavirus outbreak

Problem: Number of distress calls to emergency numbers was tripled in particular dates during covid crisis.

Our solution: The platform consists of a set of enhancements to the entire process of medical emergency response – from distress calls to the hospitalisation of patients. While emergency medical service vehicles currently receive updates via radio voice communications alone, First RESPonse vehicles will be equipped with a GINA tablet device connected to the application that will provide crews with real-time information and updates regarding incidents. The application will also provide navigation services to the locations of incidents using GNSS positioning. This is especially useful when entire landscapes and traditional routes are disrupted during disasters.

We are currently piloting with four organisations, three in Czech Republic and one in Italy. Our customers are fire and rescue services and medical emergency services. During 2021, First Response project was used in more than ten thousand calls and incidents.

We believe that the implementation of its proposed improvements can accelerate the entire pre-medical resource chain by up to 20% thanks to a fluid workflow that will connect all the operators engaged in rescue operations.

"We interconnect all rescuers attending the case into one digital line using tablets installed both in cars and helicopters. We see potential on the market that can use standard tablet devices for emergency forces. These devices are affordable and easy to use. The market is rapidly evolving as emergencies are searching for a way to use and utilise 4G and 5G networks together with precise localisation. It was measured, that the digitalisation of the communication can save up to 70% of the radio transmission. Also, coordinated navigation to the scene can be faster in every third case." Boris Procházka, founder of the GINA Software.

The First RESPonse project was awarded the Czech Galileo Masters prize!