GINA GO - The new version of GINA’s Safety & Security smart assistant is here!

Ensuring the safety of the team and keeping track of their movement is absolutely essential for every organization operating in a high-risk environment. GINA GO  was developed in cooperation with the world’s most respected NGOs specifically to cover these issues and to provide NGO workers with a powerful and simple tool that fits into pocket.

20. 1. 2020 11 min.

Story of GINA GO development

Our company was founded in response to the needs of rescuers after the earthquake in Haiti and we have been working with the largest humanitarian organizations, the UN and the rescue services for more than 10 years. During this time, we have worked very closely with our partners and learned how to incorporate their long-term experience into our products. The first version of GINA GO was tailored to their needs and has for nearly 5 years helped to solve critical situations around the world. During that time, however, the humanitarian sector has changed significantly and new requirements and problems have to be solved. GINA GO has been redesigned from the ground up, is much faster, more secure, and maintains intuitive controls and a comprehensive set of the most necessary functionalities.

Benefits you get using the app



Customer stories 


Delivering aid to refugee camps could be a real challenge and Helpcode organization pioneers the way forward using modern technologies such as satellite imagery and smartphone applications for tracking its deliveries. GINA GO  allows data to be collected in the field to ensure that all activities are managed correctly and their staff is safe and secure. Here is their testimonial:

"For delivery management, we have used an application called GINA GO, which allows data to be collected in the field to ensure that activities and security are managed remotely. The operators need to type symbols to confirm a successful delivery, which simplifies both the registration and the monitoring system. Among other things, the application includes a panic button that workers can activate in case of danger. This allows for immediate action to be taken in response to emergencies.


Weapons & Ammunition research agency

When your organizations' daily job is working in active armed conflicts to track the sources of arms and ammunition, data collection and safety are among the top features you ask from your system.

Their staff are threatened with constant disclosure, so they need to use a mobile phone and trackers are therefore out of the question.  In such a demanding work, life-threatening situations are still frequent and constant monitoring of their staff position, as well as the possibility of using the SOS button in an emergency, is the necessity for their safety and best performance.

All of the above is integrated into the same application where custom reports about the weapons and ammunition are collected. A single ordinary smartphone with GINA GO could replace several potentially expensive and rigid systems for an affordable price.

Feature set


Track user and vehicle positions in real-time. Individual users are visible in the map upon authorization and can be clustered. User visibility is essential in fragile environments.

Data Collection & Reporting

Collect data reports or fill in questionnaires directly from the field including photos in addition to location information. Switch between different forms to collect both security incidents and project-related data reports.

SOS Button

Allows the user to report an emergency. Depress the SOS button in risk situations to instantly alert the security staff. Send short audio messages and location info for faster and more effective reactions.

Geo-Fencing and SOP Support

Be automatically informed while crossing a perimeter of a dangerous zone set by your security managers. Receive SMS and e-mail notification and quickly alert your colleagues. SOPs support to achieve efficiency, quality output and uniformity of performance, while reducing miscommunication and failure.

Different Types of Maps 

Show detailed map data according to selected terrain or location. Possibility to store offline map sources to minimize data traffic. Switch between different map bases thanks to our wide map portfolio.

Messaging and Group Chat

Send individual or group messages, share your location and photos with your colleagues. Fast communication between your field staff ensures quick synchronization with minimal mobile data usage.



The product is available now for download on the App Store and Google Play. We added trial data into the application so you can enjoy a fully working demo version with all features in place. 

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Is the app secured?

Using a number of encryption technologies provides a mechanism for establishing a cryptographically secured connection for every user. The use is therefore maximally secured by using the latest modern encryption technologies 

How does the app affect battery consumption?

The application was developed with maximum emphasis on low battery consumptionThereforeits running will not significantly affect battery life 

How should I log in?

Very easilyEither simply scan the QR code or enter your credentials 

Network requirements?

EDGE connection at least 20 kbit/s is sufficient to run the application in online mode. 

Is the app working without a data connection?

Yes, thanks to the caching feature, the app can work offline. When the connection is restored, the data are immediately uploaded. 


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