#Brnoregion home of technologies at a glance

#Brnoregion is more and more often called a Metropolis of Science because so much is going on in the spheres of public and commercial research. A quick glance at history says there is a good foundation: Brno is where Gregor Mendel (the father of modern genetics) worked and where Viktor Kaplan created original turbines.

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Our company was founded and still operates its HQ in beautiful Brno. Technology hub of Czech Republic, home of companies like AVG, KIWI, Zoner or YSoft and a city with kind and welcoming people - all this is Brno. But what in particular is there for you?

Let's look at the present status of research & development in #brnoregion? Total investments in R&D have reached CZK 15 billion, and #brnoregion is the second most important region for research organizations in the Czech Republic after Prague. The main reason is the great concentration of universities in Brno as well as the eight institutes of the Czech Academy of Sciences. A very important role is also played by the dynamic development of businesses doing their own Research & development (currently 380). Official statistics note 20,000 people employed in R&D, 25% of which are women. The total number of researchers exceeds 12,000. Over the past 20 years, 4 Centres of Excellence, 11 Regional Research Centres focused on applications, and 3 Centres of Competence financed through the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic have been established in #brnoregion.


It is no coincidence that GINA has chosen this region as a starting point to start its long-term journey to build technologies that save lives around the world. Three students of Brno University of Technology started working on a system that would provide a solution to help rescue people’s lives thanks to modern technologies. The system was firstly tested by rescuers during the 2010 Haiti earthquake. Today we can welcome partners from all over the world in the modern premises of the South Moravian Innovation Center, which is one of several modern technology and research centers in Brno.

Thanks to these preconditions, GINA was able to create a team of people and friends who like to spend time together at work but also outside. The wide range of team building and leisure activities helped create a friendly atmosphere in which it is a pleasure to work and spend time. Whether it's go-karts, paintball, laser game, escape games, horseback riding or sightseeing in Brno, everything is at your fingertips.

Brno is also a convenient location for business and tourist trips to major cities in the area. You can travel comfortably by car, train or bus. You can fly to more distant destinations from three international airports in Brno, Vienna, Prague, and Bratislava, which are mostly less than 2 hours' drive by car.

These benefits will be appreciated not only by partners and clients from Slovakia, Poland, and Austria, but also by those who can fly regularly from London, Milan or Berlin directly to Brno airport.

Business partners will also appreciate meetings in cozy cafes in the center of Brno or corporate events held in the wine cellars in Pálava, where the pleasant atmosphere of vineyards and local historical traditions can be combined.

There are many R&D spheres that are typical for #brnoregion and that helps us on our daily journey to make the world safer. These include above all:

It can be carried out in many science centers:

But everything is not just about work, so the region also offers plenty of leisure activities and beautiful places to spend time with friends:

#brnoregion is an ideal and balanced environment for life, perfect for innovative business, research, and development. It is a unique combination of two worlds: the big one (including business, science, innovations as well as top technologies) and the less visible, personal, creative, and harmonious world full of everyday joy and rest. A place where ideas that change the world for the better are born. Currently, almost 1.2 million people live in #brnoregion. And it is easily accessible from anywhere in Europe, so it attracts a growing number of talented people from all over the world.

Would YOU like to be one of them? We are hiring at www.ginasystem.com/career!

Become a part of #brnoregion and discover the potential of this lively city.