GINA Intervention Tablet

App for Android tablets enabling real-time coordination in the field an access to the crucial data.

Product for first responders

GINA Tablet is a smart application designed to help firefighters and emergency rescue workers in the terrain. The system communicates with the operation center and provides commanders with various management and decision support tools during all phases of the intervention.
Thanks to its complex functionality and various configuration modes GINA Tablet can be easily adapted to other fields.


Interactive Map

Map presents navigation routes and real-time location of the other units and so intervention team can easily locate to the event site.

Location Tracking

The app shares its current location with the others in the same group in real-time.

Event Details

Access to full details of event enables the first responders to prepare for the action during their way to the site.


Tablet app offers a build-in offline navigation with special maps which leads the first responder team to the event site.


Sending of intervention progress statuses with confirmed receive.

Document Storage

Document storage provides the users with access to the relevant documents online. It is a big help during preparation phases.

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