GINA Central

GINA Central is the heart of the operations. It provides the operators with a big picture of the situation.

The heart of operations

Mapping software for visual control of the situation in real-time. Based on a collaborative map it allows interactions with other teammates in the terrain and enables administration of the mission critical datasets. This powerful combination of an interactive map, GPS tracking and effective communication increases staff safety and security, minimizes costs and reduces paperwork.



GINA offers a rich world-wide map portfolio. Use the interactive maps anywhere in the world and access real-time synchronized tactical drawings, geo-fencing and other map customizations.

Staff coordination

Know where your people are. GINA informs you about their position, speed and distance. Help them navigate themselves in unknown or high-risk terrain using waypoints and alert them when crossing dangerous areas.

Incident management

GINA helps you make clear, fast and accurate decisions in stressful conditions. Use the real-time visibility map to identify the closest unit to be sent as help. Deliver instructions instantly via email, SMS or automated calls.

Data collection

In order to make well informed decisions in any situation, it is important to have enough valid data. GINA helps you analyze and predict security risks by accessing mission critical data sets.


Access historic data via an interactive timeline. Create heatmaps, visualize data and generate customizable graphic reports for individuals, teams and incidents. Transform collected data into valid information and distribute it automatically to predefined contacts.

Advanced functionality

We offer advanced functionality adapted to the needs of security and humanitarian sector, emergency rescue, first responders and law enforcement agencies.

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